5 Things That Man Want in Their Skin Care Products

It’s true that more men are taking better care of themselves today than ever before, but the world of skin care still doesn’t always make it easy for us. Here are 5 things men want that you don’t usually find in skin care products:

What Men Want in Skin Care

  1. A masculine scent

Let’s be honest, most skin care products are made to entice women and so they smell likes roses that have been blessed by unicorns. How many guys want to smell like this?

The fragrance industry clearly differentiates men and women’s scents, but for some reason this doesn’t fully translate into skin care. Why not?

Call me cynical, but it might be influenced by the fact that if companies produce products that they can market as ‘unisex’ then they can make a ton of money whilst keeping costs down. They don’t have to make two separate products for men and women (the ingredients should also be tailored for men). Makes sense for a business plan or to appease shareholders, but perhaps not ideal for you as a male consumer.

Yes you can find products that are fragrance free and some products do have a scent that can just about get away with being unisex, but where are all the skin care products that smell great, premium and masculine. They are rare.

I’m not talking about the beard oils that smell like a lumberjack after a 16 hour shift, or products infused with caffeine that make you smell like you live in a Starbucks factory. I mean a scent at the same level of a premium men’s aftershave.

If you are going to spend your hard earned cash on skin care like your female counterparts, then you want the right smell. And you deserve it.

  1. A product that looks like it’s for a man

A lot of skin care products look like they have been created by fairies and pixies whilst sat on top of a rainbow. Either that or like a marketing manager threw up a load of skin terms and claims that not even many women understand on the front of the packaging.

Where are all the products that have been designed with men in mind? What about a more minimalist design, masculine feel and masculine colours that encourage men to get into looking after their skin instead of scaring them away.

Guys are proud to show off their new fragrance in the bathroom or on a dressing table, but not their new face wash, moisturizer or serum. It doesn’t need to be this way. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality ingredients or your masculinity to look after your skin.

  1. Ingredients with men’s skin in mind

Men have different challenges to women when it comes to their skin. Regular shaving can lead to more sensitivity and ingrown hairs. Also, most men have a combination skin type (if you want to know more about skin type then read what is my skin type).

Your male skin has some fundamental differences in structure too. You have larger pores, your skin is 25% thicker, has a rougher texture and sweats nearly twice as much for example. If a product is designed for women or even unisex then how can it take all this into account?

Whether we admit it or not, as guys we are just as conscious about how our skin looks. We don’t want to suffer from acne, have visible fine lines and wrinkles or feel like our skin is too oily or too dry. The best way for us to tackle this is by applying premium ingredients that are designed specifically for men. There should be more solutions that offer this.

  1. Simplicity

I’m going to take a guess that most men are similar to me and are not looking for a 25-step skin care routine that involves using more products than there are hours in a day whilst hanging upside down with a cucumber in each ear.

Most of us are looking for functional benefits and simplicity – something we can trust and understand without having to do enough research to warrant a PHD.

How about an easy 3 step skin care routine that involves washing your face, moisturizing and applying a serum. Once there is evidence of this working then I’m sure more men would be happy to branch out a little more, but let’s not run before we can walk.

  1. Convenience

Everyone prefers things that save them time and make their lives more convenient, guys do in particular. If something you need is easy to use and can arrive to your doorstep quickly then there is much more chance that you will be interested.

The products themselves can help to make things more convenient for you too. You shouldn't necessarily need 10 different products to satisfy 10 different needs for instance. Let's take sun protection for example:

One of the major areas of skin care where men fall behind women is protecting our skin from the harmful effects of the sun. UV rays are the biggest cause of premature skin aging and skin cancer so it's a serious matter.

In order to protect against this properly then you need broad spectrum SPF protection, ideally in factor 30 or higher. This doesn’t have to mean an additional step or product – it can be an added benefit in an existing product like a moisturizer. This saves you time and money - one product effectively catering to multiple needs.



If you are a guy and some of the above points hit home then don’t worry. The lack of premium options catering to your needs has inspired us at the Unknown to create a solution that will work for you and we think you will love.

We are in the process of developing a premium skin care range specifically for men. Something that smells great and masculine, looks masculine, contains the best premium ingredients, is simple, convenient and will be delivered quickly direct to your doorstep.

We are in the final stages of testing to make sure everything works in the way we expect it to, but we are confident we will have something ready for you soon.

If you want to be among the first to find out when it’s available, then just sign up to our newsletter and we will drop you an email when it’s ready to order.

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