Easy 3 step skin care routine for men

If you are reading this, then welcome to the fast-growing community of men that recognize the value in looking after their face and skin. In this post we will help you understand that taking care of that masculine face of yours doesn't need to be complicated or time-consuming. In fact, we will break down a basic routine into 3 easy steps.

Men's 3 Step Skin Care Routine

1. Wash your face daily with a men’s face wash

wash you face with a men's face wash

Sounds self-explanatory and common sense right? Unfortunately it seems that common sense is anything but common in the world of men’s skin care today.

In fact, some recent surveys suggest that near 1 in 3 men don't wash their face every day and men aged between 18-24 are twice as likely not to wash their face at all!

Don't let yourself fall into the wrong side of this statistic. You brush your teeth and shower every day (hopefully), so make having at least a basic skin care routine a habit too - and this starts with washing your face.

When it comes to products for your face, lose that bar of soap (maybe think about the last place you used it to wash) and any other variety of ‘cleansing’ solutions that you have always assumed ‘does the job’.

You need to cleanse effectively to rid your face of all the dirt, excess oils, dead skin cells and other impurities that build up throughout the day. This needs to be done in a way that maintains your skin’s natural protective barrier and the good oils that keep it moisturized. To achieve this you need to use the right product and ingredients for your skin.

Most premium face cleansers tend to be targeted towards women, but at The Unknown we wanted to help evolve the industry by developing something more in tune with needs and preferences of men.

Your male skin has different characteristics to your female counterparts, so you may benefit more from a product that takes this into account. These difference include:

  • Male skin is 20% thicker on average
  • Men tend to have larger pores
  • Men's skin produces more oil (sebum)
  • Due to shaving, men are more susceptible to facial ingrown hairs
  • Men have a higher collagen density
  • Men's skin has a different texture

We spent over 15 months testing and developing our charcoal face wash, using a unique blend of active ingredients that work together to deep cleanse and exfoliate your face in a way that is effective, but gentle enough for daily use. Cleansing and exfoliating is usually two separate steps, but we have combined them into one for you for ease and convenience.

The majority of men will benefit most from using a good face wash twice a day -  once in the morning and again just before bed in the evening. You should also consider washing your face after any activity that makes you sweat profusely.

Congratulations, your simple 3 step routine is now up and running. If you are using our face wash you have ticked off cleansing and exfoliating in one step!


2. Moisturize daily and make sure you have sun protection

men should moisturize every day

Using a moisturizer and sunscreen is usually two separate steps, but we're going to walk you through it and show you how to combine into one quick and easy step for added convenience and time saving.

Firstly take note - daily moisturizing and sunscreen should be two non-negotiables in your life. This applies regardless of skin type - your skin needs hydrating and protecting every day.

You drink plenty of water when you go to the gym right? Then make sure your hydrate your face and your skin too. It will only take you a couple of minutes and your future self will be very grateful that you don't look 10-15 years older than your actual age.

Also do not underestimate the importance of sun protection. If you only make one positive change to how you look after your skin then sun protection should be it. Sun damage is by far the biggest cause of skin problems and premature skin aging. Use it every day, regardless of the weather or whether you are heading outdoors for long.

The sun's UV radiation is present regardless of the temperature and so if you are going to be exposed to sunlight (even through a window) then you need to be protected. For further information on this read our post on SPF protection UVA and UVB rays explained

Hopefully you're getting the picture that moisturizing and sun protection are crucial for keeping your skin looking healthy and young, but to clarify further here are some common skin complaints that this will help to prevent: :

  • acne
  • dry skin
  • sensitive skin
  • sun spots
  • other blemishes and discoloration
  • inflammation

    So how do you incorporate moisturizing and sun protection into your daily life? Easy - after cleansing in the morning, simply moisturize and then add sunscreen.

    And how do you you make this one step like we promised? Well just use one great product that can do both! Did we develop something for you to use that can do this? Well of course - just check out our premium SPF 30 moisturizer for men.



    It contains premium ingredients like shea butter, peptides, argan oil, vitamin E and niacinamide, that work in partnership with our broad-spectrum SPF 30 sun protection complex so your skin is effectively hydrated and protected against 97% of the sun's UV rays in one quick, easy step!

    So no more excuses - start moisturizing and protecting your skin from the sun's UV rays today. Your morning routine is now complete. That was easy wasn't it.


    3. Use a treatment for an added boost

    use a men's night serum before bed

    Ok so we have now arrived at the final step of your new routine -  something to help repair and nourish your skin that little bit extra so over time the difference is visibly noticeable. 

    Two ingredients that we love for this purpose are retinol and niacinamide. Retinol is a form of vitamin A and niacinamide is vitamin B3. They offer a wide range of benefits that will suit all skin types of all ages. These benefits include helping to:

    • Reduce wrinkles and fine lines
    • Increase cell turnover
    • Promote collagen production
    • Strengthen your natural skin barrier
    • Fade dark spots
    • Fight and prevent acne breakouts
    • Give you a more even skin tone

    A product with retinol is best used in the evening as it can make skin more sensitive to sun exposure for some people.

    So let's say evening has arrived and you have remembered to wash your face with an appropriate product (applause emoji). Now just before you lay your  clean face to slumber, apply (you guessed it) a good men's treatment or serum.

    Let your skin continue to benefit whilst you dream about how you are going to capitalize on your rejuvenated good looks. Time for us to introduce our star product for your consideration - the Unknown repair serum for men.




    We really pulled the stops out on this one to load it with amazing ingredients, designed to work together for amazing skin nourishment and repair. Visit the product page for a full breakdown, but here are some of the highlights:

    • Retinol
    • Niacinamide
    • Hyaluronic acid
    • Coenzyme Q10
    • Chamomile extract
    • Glycerin


    So there you have it, you now have a simple, but effective men's skin care routine in just 3 easy steps.

    If you like the sound of our products you can also save 15% by buying the full men's face care set. We ship internationally and all our deliveries are express so they get to you quickly. 


    An effective skin routine should be a permanent part of your self-care; your skin is going to represent you for the rest of your life so you owe it to yourself to keep your standards high. So make it a permanent habit - like taking a shower or brushing your teeth.

    Enjoy your healthier, hydrated and younger-looking skin, and feel free to share your questions and comments below.

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