Excuses That Stop Men Having a Skin Care Routine

More guys need to look after their skin and at the Unknown we are obsessed with educating and promoting skin care for men. So much so, that we are developing our own skin care range for men. Guys – these are the usual excuses you need to lose and start a skin care routine:

Men's Skin Care Excuses

1. Skin care is only for women

Why do so many guys think that skin care is just for women? Do men not have skin too? Is your male skin immune from dirt, bacteria, toxins, aging and skin cancer?

This is the classic excuse – too many men sit back and watch the women in their lives execute a meticulous skin care routine every day, yet they do little to protect, nourish or repair their own skin. Time to change guys.

It’s true that your skin has some differences to female skin, but that doesn’t make it in any less need of proper maintenance. Just so you know, the main difference are:

  • Male skin is about 25% thicker
  • Men have larger pores and more skin pores
  • Men have more collagen in their skin
  • Men’s skin has a rougher looking texture
  • Men’s skin sweats about twice as much as women

None of this means that your skin will magically stay healthy without the proper care.

What’s strange is that most guys take great pride and care in things like growing a beard, yet still neglect the skin that the beard sits on. Don’t ruin your image due to lack of care – start taking care of your skin starting today.

If you want some beginner's advice on what to do, then you can start of with our easy 3 step skin care routine for men.

2. Skin care is not masculine

Really? Shaving your chest and plucking your eyebrows is fine, but washing your face and moisturizing makes you feel like you have sacrificed your masculinity?

If you have the perception that skin care isn’t masculine, then you are looking at things the wrong way round. There is nothing more masculine than a man who is comfortable in his own skin (no pun intended) and takes good care of himself, regardless of stigmas and social pressures.

How can something that is clearly beneficial to your health and well-being be a bad thing anyway? Thankfully the new generation of men are taking self-care much more in their stride as are certain cultures.

According to Euromonitor, around three quarters of South Korean men undertake a beauty treatment at least once a week. No wonder the world is constantly looking to South Korea for inspiration on skin care.

3. Skin Care Products Are Not Designed For Men

Ok there is some truth to this in that there are far more products aimed at women than men. In fact, we wrote a post on this called 5 things men want that are not in most skin care products.

But still, there are definitely viable options for men to use and some things like sun protection are pretty universal.

The Unknown are going to take this excuse away from you soon anyway. We are developing essential skin care products that will look masculine, smell masculine, contain the best premium ingredients optimized for male skin, and have the simplicity and convenience that you want.

4. Don’t have time for a skin care routine

Give me a break. If there is enough time to fit in 3 more games of Call or Duty or Fifa then there is enough time to wash your face with a good product and then moisturize.

If you have used this excuse before, even to yourself, then it’s probably because you don’t yet value the benefit that having a solid skin care routine will bring.

This is a bit of a catch 22 – it’s not until you start using good skin care products and following a lifestyle that helps your skin that you will notice the difference. If you do this, I promise there is little chance you will turn back.

5. Skin Care is Too Expensive

Some skin care products are admittedly on the pricey side, but skin care doesn’t have to break the bank and you should see money spent towards looking after your skin as an investment anyway. Your skin is your largest organ and you are going to have it for life so look after it.

The old adage of ‘you get what you pay for’ does apply to some skin care categories, but you need to be careful. An expensive price tag doesn’t guarantee performance, especially if you pick up a product that is not for your skin type.

Do you research so you know what ingredients are most suited for you and don’t just go off the marketing jargon on the front of the product. That’s there to sell it to you, but the actual ingredients inside are more important.

6. Don’t know where to start

It’s true that the skin care industry can be a little confusing. The terminology will sound like a foreign language to those who are new to skin care and some of the methods and techniques can be a little over-complicated.

That being said, instead of neglecting your skin you could always learn what to do! You can start simple and build things up once you get the hang of it and see the benefits of having a skin care regime for yourself.

If you want access to information about skin care for men then that’s what we are here for. You can visit our main skin care for men blog menu for a list of articles that will help you out.



Lose the excuses. It’s time for more men to start taking better care of their skin and for the men’s skin care industry to respond by providing more education and suitable products for men.

If you want to be first to know when we lunch our premium men’s skin care range then just sign up to our newsletter and we will drop you an email when it’s ready.

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