Washing Face with Only Water is Not Enough

If you ask 100 guys what they use to wash their face you will get a mix of reactions, but a standout response is confusion. What do you mean wash my face? Washing my face with only water is not enough? Common answers to what they use also (worryingly) include soap, shampoo and hand wash. Let’s put this right.

Why You Need to Wash Your Face

You may be thinking that there are very obvious and straightforward reasons why you should wash your face, but then that begs the question as to why more men don’t wash their face properly, regularly and with a suitable product.

Consider that your man face will be exposed to the following elements throughout the day:

  • Pollution
  • Dust
  • Dirt
  • Bacteria
  • Viruses
  • Harmful UV rays from the sun

On top of this, your male skin may be covered in oil (sebum) that your skin produces as well as dead skin cells. Now consider that it might be a good idea to get some of this off your skin! You have the power to leave you face clean and looking good without having to apply an Instagram filter. Use this power wisely.

As well as removing the dirt and all the other unwanted delights that inhabit the skin on your face, by washing your face properly you will:

  • Help increase hydration (you should use a good moisturizer too)
  • Help to prevent spots and pimples
  • Keep your skin healthy
  • Help prevent production of excess oil
  • Help the products you use work more effectively. Don’t spend $200 on anti-aging products only to apply them to dirty skin

Washing Face With Only Water

In general, water is great for your skin and there is nothing wrong with a good rinse of the face with just water from time to time. However, unless you are using a power jet (not recommended), water on its own is not likely to remove all the unwanted delights that we mentioned above.

Just for the record, here are a list of other things that you should not use to wash your face:

  • A standard soap – it will dry out your skin and could harm it’s protective barrier
  • Shampoo – this is designed for your hair, not your face
  • Shower gel – it’s unlikely to be optimized for your face; you can do better
  • Hand wash – hopefully there is no need for us to elaborate on this
  • Your wife or girlfriend’s products – they will be for their skin type and it’s just not worth the aggro

So now that we have ruled all these out, what should you use to wash your face? Drum roll please……… a good men’s face wash.

A good men’s face wash will be:

  • Optimized for male skin
  • Contain premium ingredients proven to work together to benefit the skin
  • Contain the right amount and concentration of key ingredients
  • Exclude ingredients that can be harmful
  • Smell amazing
  • Look great and masculine so you can be proud to put it in your bathroom

Want something that ticks all the boxes? Don’t worry, we will have you covered soon. In the meantime understand your skin type and do your research before buying a product. It’s also worth you knowing the difference between a face wash vs cleanser.

How Often Should You Wash Your Face

We will make this very easy for you. A good face washing routine is to wash your face in the morning, in the evening before bed, and any time after sweating profusely or accumulating visible dirt on that manly face.


If we have missed anything important out that you want to know, feel free to drop us an email or leave a comment in the box below.

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